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Web Site

Hey there, I'm glad you stopped by. Go ahead, check my stuff out and spread it around some. Thats what using this Internet thing is all about.

I put this space together as a place to display my work, art, and ongoing projects, and to pay forward the creativity I've found elsewhere on the web.

I welcome contact about my work, projects, inventions and ideas -- or yours -- via e-mail at:

I am the founder of Sparkjoy Studios - a Vancouver Wordpress company specializing in collaborating with Businesses and individual Professionals to maintain a healthy online strategy and web presence. We provide a complete set of talent: from graphic design, user experience design, coding & development, through to ongoing consultation, training, marketing, and Search Engine optimization.

Dear Canada (2007): A cell phone video documenting the journey of a woman who visits Banff, Alberta and her attempt to access nature through vicarious consumer experience. (2:30)

Treehouse By Design

I have been working on a human powered hydrofoil invention since 2001. It is part kinetic sculpture and part biomimetic dolphin.

Below are links to progress on the project:

Project Overview
Hydrofoil Construction
Control Systems and Propulsion

Treehouse By Design

Treehouse By Design started as a modest single web page to show friends and family photos of a treehouse project I completed in 2005.

The site now provides information resources for do-it-yourself enthusiasts and people who are interested in building their own free standing tree houses.

The idea has quickly become a content portal for people interested in the treehouse design and has more than a million pageviews.

Check it out at: www.treehousebydesign.com

Zoaria Project Web Site

The Zoaria project is an experimental work with a symbolic interactive 3D display. I used Processing to code four demonstration applets.

Zoaria is ultimately about finding ways to enrich subjective human communication techniques using a real-time visual-spatial analogy.

Try them out at: www.zoaria.com

Sound Frond

The Sound Frond is an interactive sculpture that uses light and sound to create an observer/participant shift experience.

It is autonomous and self-sustaining using solar panels to gather energy from the day, store it in a battery, and power numerous electronics, laser lighting, and audio devices at night.

As an observer nears, sensors detect their presence, ambient music plays, and the sound changes along with the proximity of people. At the closest range, an observer's presence activates a theremin and they become the overt player of the music.

This transition from observer to participant is the interesting shift: people come to see that their presence is playing the music and that the sculpture is trying to accompany them.